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Arete, being your strategic partner, works with HR software vendors to help your company transform HR processes through the implementation of a suitable Human Resource Management System.

We’re an experienced team with thorough knowledge of our product and its technical functionality, our team members will be able to answer any question that arises in a fast and competent fashion.

HR processes are unique to each organization. Customized training can help to ensure HR effectively meets its learning goals.

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Unit4 Prosoft is a suite of HR software solutions designed to reshape the modern workplace and change the way teams work. Through our human resource management system, your people can spend time better elsewhere without worrying about missing out on the core HR tasks.

We are a Dutch software company that has been operating in Southeast Asia for more than 20 years. The products we carry are bilingual, fully integrated Time Attendance and Payroll systems that we developed over the last 15 years and helping companies centralize their HR and Payroll processes by consolidating all their entities or regional offices onto a single platform.

Zealys is a HR tech startup founded and based in Singapore. We provide a cloud-based HR software platform, where HR runs one-click payroll in seconds.

Our payroll and leave management system are specifically designed for Singaporean businesses – localised and fully compliant to Singaporean regulatory.

Our continuous mission is to build smarter system to make every task simpler, integrate HR information seamlessly and intelligently.

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With the end of life exercise for Version 7 clients, AETOS Technologies & Solutions Pte Ltd is one of the clients who is required to upgrade to the latest version which is version 8.5. The HR & payroll team took this opportunity to revamp the existing database. The appointed team had been working closely with the assigned consultants from Arete Asia Pacific to have a clear understanding of existing gaps and objectives to be achieved.

With the headcount of nearly 4,000, the team’s commitment had driven the project to Go-Live
within the planned schedule. With the Senior Vice President’s support and several in-depth discussions with the consultant assigned, manual processes had then been configured in system.
Concurrently, data integrity was being worked on by the experienced consultants together with the committed HR personnel to ensure all information migrated are accurate.
After seven months for scoping, configurations, training, user acceptance test and parallel run, the system was rolled out in October 2017. Our company has now improved the employees’ performance and productivity was boosted after the system went live.
We were particularly impressed by the consultants’ committed efforts in generating accurate, comprehensive documentation, and in sharing best practices and knowledge with us.
Successful implementation requires full cooperation, consideration and engagement from all stakeholders with support from management team. Working closely with the consultants in a partnering role will produce magnificent results.”
Kevin Ho

Senior Vice President, Finance – AETOS Holdings Pte Ltd